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The Arm Drag

The Arm Drag is one of the most versatile set ups in all of grappling.

IMG_9066Originally this move was used in freestyle wrestling as a set up to different takedowns, a transitionary position to other grips, etc. but it has found its way into modern day Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Marcelo Garcia is one of, if not the greatest BJJ competitor of all time and one of his signature moves is his arm drag.

In the most basic explanation of the move Arm Drags are used to make your way towards your opponents back. The reason why this technique is favored by tons of different grapplers today is because of its versatility. Transitions, scrambles, new positions, and more all become available. From wrestling and standup techniques to different guard positions the arm drag could quickly change the momentum of the match.
So why did this technique become so popular in recent years in grappling?

Well, in short, it’s a high reward technique. In a perfect world, the arm drag would bring you from in front of your partner to all the way to the back. In a wrestling/mma/self defense scenario being behind your partner in a stand up scenario allows for a variety of techniques. Takedowns from the back, standing chokes, and more are some of the great offensive
reasons to execute this technique. From a defensive standpoint, there are plenty of good things but mainly you are no longer in danger of strikes since you are behind your opponent.

From a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu perspective it’s all of the things I previously mentioned and more incentive. In competition the back position is worth the most points and is deemed the most dominant position in BJJ. Well, using the arm drag can take you from a bottom position like butte
rfly guard to the most dominant position in all of grappling in a matter of seconds.

The Arm Drag is an effective, highly versatile and important technique in my opinion. Some notable people to watch while perfecting this move are (again) Marcelo Garcia, Cobrinha, the Mendes Bros, and more to name a few in the BJJ community.

There are a variety of different grips and methods to doing this move. My suggestion for beginning grapplers is to learn any basic way to execute this move and drill it with a partner until it becomes second nature. While rolling, you’ll see this move pop up constantly- go for it and believe in it.

As I post this, it’s almost midnight on a Sunday evening. Tomorrow is Monday and I hope everyone has a good week of training ahead.

Happy rolling!


Wrasslin’ @ 10PVN!

Hey guys, some schedule changes and new things goin on!

There is now Sunday Wrestling Class at 11am! This class used to be run by Coach Bhimer at 11:30 but now Coach Lobes will be running it about 30 minutes earlier. This class is great because it consists of a bunch of solid wrestling drills to get us able to execute them in a live scenario.

Wrestling is a huge part of the grappling game. Without a takedown of some kind, all the jiu jitsu in the world might not be able to really help.

Initiating Takedowns and Avoiding Takedowns is absolutely crucial. Definitely catch me in that class trying to up the standing part of my grappling game and you all should be too.

Not to mention, it’s a hell of a workout…

Anyway, come down to 10PVN on Sundays if you want to see some great wrestling techniques to add to your BJJ game!


High Crotch Takedown Finish- Running the Pipe

Takedowns are very rarely trained at lots of Jiu Jitsu schools. This is a shame because what’s the use in having a great ground game if you can’t get the fight to the ground? For MMA, Competition, or a Self Defense Situation, some basic wrestling skills are essential.

So we’ve been working the High Crotch Takedown at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys for a week or two now and we’ve learned a few great set ups! We’ve been setting it up with inside ties, outside, an undertook and head control, etc. We’ve also finished this takedown with a pick up and dump or switched it to a double leg.
This video shows a great option if your opponent keeps their weight back as you try to switch to the double.
Check it out!
I’ll be repping this technique Friday at Open Mat if anyone wants to jump in with me. Come down to 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys and learn some great takedowns and how to finish the fight once it hits the ground!

Finishing the High Crotch Takedown- Kolat.com

Thor “TNT” Skanckes Wrestling Clinic 1/14/12 @ 10th Planet Van Nuys

Today, 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys’ very own Pro MMA Fighter, Thor “TNT” Skancke came down to the gym to teach a Wrestling for MMA/BJJ Competition Seminar. He showed us some basic A,B, and C techniques to secure a takedown in an MMA or BJJ Competition setting. Basically, he took out any wrestling pins, transitions that may leave you vulnerable to a submission or strike. It was an awesome seminar and I was super happy to take part. He showed some great details and ways to secure a takedown or defend one from the over/under, double underhooks, or just a unique way to attack the single leg. I really digged this seminar and hope he does another one soon so I can pick his brain more! Thanks again Thor!


Week of 12/19 Training Log

Logging another week in the books, I’m glad to say trainings going great.

Monday Morning Sesh, Monday Night, Tuesday Night, and Wednesday Morning, and a private w/ Coach Alder in the afternoon.

One thing to especially notice is how big classes are getting at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys. It’s great to see tons of new faces, old faces, experienced guys, and people who are stepping onto the mats for the first time. With the influx of people training, we’ve all had more training partners which results in more rolls, drilling, and just an even better team atmosphere.

All week long, we’ve been drilling guillotines all week. Finishing the one arm guillotine from standing has given all the students the fundamentals to finish the choke from anywhere. We’ve repped the one arm a few times, the standard standing guillotine, the Marcelo Grip Guillotine, and the Ten Finger Guillotine.

Personally, I love the Marcelo Grip guillotine. The leverage that you get from using their back as a lever is incredible. You can really crank the neck and create a ton of pressure with this specific technique. I absolutely love it.

Today was my last private with Coach Alder and looking back, it was definitely money well spent. Each Private session, he answered every last question I had, gave me more details on techniques, and specific movements to drill. He’s helped me fill up holes in my half guard, deep half, and full guard game. More importantly, he’s given me the whole process of how to look at my game in a brutally honest perspective and develop a plan of attack to become a  better grappler.

On a side note, I signed up for Thor Skanckes Wrestling Clinic that’ll be held January 14 at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys. Thor is our resident Pro MMA fighter and overall badass. He’ll go over a bunch of wrestling techniques specifically for MMA/Nogi Grappling. So, not a bunch of wrestling pins but rather how to use wrestling to gain an advantageous position for your nogi game.

Anyway, with four sessions and a private this week, I think I’m almost done for the week. Tomorrow morning, I’ll probably go for a run and I should be good.

And, remember, through this Holiday season, enjoy your time with your family and friends but don’t forget about training. Enjoy your eggnog and have fun but don’t stop coming to the gym/ training! It’ll be that much harder to get back into it. So, let’s all try to be consistent! Happy Holidays to all my readers and fellow 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys grapplers!