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5 Tips for Perfect Side Control

What is perfect side control?

Here at 10th Planet Van Nuys, you might occasionally hear our guys yell out during one of our rolling sessions, “Perfect side control!” Because of this, some of our newer students have asked me “What is perfect side control?” Well, perfect side control is basically the best side control position you can obtain. When you have the side control (side mount, cross body, etc.) position, there are several different ways to tighten it up by eliminating space between you and your opponent. Remember, this is always the goal when you find yourself in a top position. So, here are a few tips to do just that:

What are the 5 Tips for Perfect Side Control?


Another Week in the Books

After a week of two morning sessions, one night, and a private training session with Coach Alder @ 10th Planet Van Nuys, I’m absolutely exhausted. Really put in work this week and feel good about training. I still need to work on anymore defense if I can. Defensive postures and using them to escape bad spots, etc. Loving training though and I feel like I’m getting better everytime I step on the mat.

However, my shoulder has been really acting up lately. I think it’s cause I haven’t done any resistance or weight training for a little while, but it feels strained. I definitely need to get back to weights and stuff but not while I’m aching like this. Until then, some Bengay and rest should do the trick till next week.

Im kinda bummed about missing tonights practice even though I know my body needs the rest. On Thursday nights, Black Belt, Brent comes by and teaches some techniques. Brent is super technical as well and gives lots of help to everyone no matter how packed the gym gets. I think it’s really cool that Brent comes in and helps Alder out on Thursdays.