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Thor “TNT” Skanckes Wrestling Clinic 1/14/12 @ 10th Planet Van Nuys

Today, 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys’ very own Pro MMA Fighter, Thor “TNT” Skancke came down to the gym to teach a Wrestling for MMA/BJJ Competition Seminar. He showed us some basic A,B, and C techniques to secure a takedown in an MMA or BJJ Competition setting. Basically, he took out any wrestling pins, transitions that may leave you vulnerable to a submission or strike. It was an awesome seminar and I was super happy to take part. He showed some great details and ways to secure a takedown or defend one from the over/under, double underhooks, or just a unique way to attack the single leg. I really digged this seminar and hope he does another one soon so I can pick his brain more! Thanks again Thor!