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Whats Been Goin Down at 10thPVN!?!

With a couple months missed on this blog, here’s the quickest summary ever…

We have moved into our new space still in the San Fernando Valley!

We have a hell of a new schedule with growing programs everyday. As of right now, we’ve already been able to set up MMA Classes for anyone looking to get into Mixed Martial Arts and learn some new things (Taught by yours truly). We also have a Gi Program! That’s right…10th Planet Jiu Jitsu has an incredible Gi program taught by a Jean Jacque Machado Black Belt, Tim Antolin.Tim is an incredible BJJ Practitioner and his Gi Class is amazing. Aside from the MMA Class and Gi Class, we have added some weekend programs including Saturday morning Jiu Jitsu taught by Mike “Lobes” Frausto as well as Bhimers’ Sunday Wrestling/Conditioning Class. Both weekend classes are a ton of fun and with super technical guys. Aside from all of that new stuff, we have added more Fundamentals classes to the schedule as well as added more to Alders Advancded Nogi Jiu Jitsu Curriculum. If you’re at all curious about our schedule or anything liek that, give us a call or come down.

Now, aside from the amazing new facility, new programs and instructors…some things don’t change.

One thing that hasn’t changed…Coach Alder is always doing everything he can to bring in the best guys possible for us to learn from! In just the recent months, we have had both 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and incredible competitor Denny Prokopos and WEC/UFC Veteran, SES Master Javier Vasquez come down to the gym for seminars. Both seminars were absolutely incredible and a great time! Lots of notes!

Also…did we mention Eddie Bravo came down to break down “Muddy Waters” for us? That’s right! Eddie Bravo came down for a special class one night and showed us all some of the basics of the newly added to the system, Muddy Waters position. If you aren’t familiar with this yet…you should be.

Another thing that hasn’t changed much (though some new faces are in there :)) we still have an amazing competition team that is constantly growing. Folks who have been training with us for a little while want to test their skills in a competition format and we set them up to have the most positive experience possible with a  training camp style training and coaching you every step of the way.

Also, we continue to enjoy ourselves in every way possible outside of the gym as well. Just this past weekend we had our 10th Planet Van Nuys Beach Day. We all went down to the beach and barbecued, played games, and just hung out. It was great to spend some time outside and enjoy California in the summer time.

So there ya go, although I’m sure I missed some stuff, a rough quick summary of all that’s been going down at 10PVN! Happy rollin folks!

P.S. Check out the gallery to see some of the stuff I mentioned above!


10th Planet Van Nuys at the AFC: August 30th MMA Show

On August 30th, 10th Planet Van Nuys warriors, Mike “Lobes” Frausto and “Gorgeous” Georgie Garcia went to battle in Agoura Hills, CA. The Amir Fighting Championships had a huge line up of great Amateur Mixed Martial Arts bouts that night.

There was lots of buzz surrounding the fights on the card and the fighters definitely did not disappoint. Plenty of the fighters on the card were crowned number one contenders for the AFC belts that night as well as the 145 Champion.

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10 Tips to Finishing the Triangle Choke

The Triangle Choke is a chokehold in which you figure four your legs around your opponents neck and arm stopping the blood to the brain, forcing them to tap. This choke has been shown to be effective all the way up to the highest levels of competition in the UFC. Recently, we watched Joe Lauzon choke out Jamie Varner with a Triangle Choke, winning himself Submission of the Night honors!

Adding the Triangle Choke to your arsenal of weapons from the guard will make your ground game that much more dangerous. This choke ends plenty of fights in BJJ, Grappling, and MMA.

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Mike “Lobes” Fraustos’ Training Camp Video

I had the privilege of being my close friend and training partner at 10th Planet Van Nuys Nuys’ Mike Fraustos’ Strength & Conditioning Coach for his upcoming Amateur MMA Fight. He’s fighting August 30th at the Amir Fighting Championships(AFC) in Agoura Hills.

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U of MMA show @ Club Nokia!

Hey guys, sorry for lagging on the posts but I’m back and promise to never leave you all again. My school semester was crazy, meaning less training, therefore less posting on here. But I’m back, and lots of stuff has happened since I’ve been off so here’s the first news.

Representing 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys at the U of MMAs first show at Club Nokia was amateur fighters Mike Frausto, Mike Venturella, and Georgie Garcia.

First up repping our team was Mike “Lobes” Frausto. Lobes went into a three round war with a tough competitor. He landed some great knees, crisp combos, and was almost able to finish an armbar with only a few seconds left in the second round. Although Mike put on a great show, he lost via decision. All in all, a tough fight for our 10th Planet Van Nuys blue belt and he can’t wait to move past this loss and get back in the cage.

Next up was our gyms other Mike, better known as Tipz. Mike V. went into his fight with a very aggressive forward pressure that had his opponent pinned up against the cage. The 10th Planet Blue belt pressed forward with crisp boxing combinations, blocking his opponents kicks, and pushing for the takedown. When the judges rendered their split decision in the favor of his opponent, plenty of members of the crowd were disappointed and felt he was robbed. Nonetheless, again, both competitors put up a great fight and everyone was very entertained.

Last, but certainly not least was the title fight between our own Georgie Garcia and Chris Bonilla. The fight had the U of MMA Featherweight belt on the line and there was quite a bit of buzz around the bout. In the first round, both fighters put on an impressive display of MMA skills, transitioning between stand up, wrestling, and groundwork. Eventually, Georgie’s impressive standup was showcased with a beautiful punch that rocked Chris and sent him down to the canvas. As Georgie pressed forward in an attempt to finish the fight, Chris showed some great jiu jitsu skills by almost catching the 10th Planet blue belt in a triangle choke. Through proper technique and sheer will, Georgie managed to escape and continue his ground and pound. Finally, in the third, Georgie displayed his superior wreslting with several takedowns and secured his decision victory and was crowned the U of MMA Featherweight champ!

Congrats to all fighters on the card. This was an amazing show and can’t wait till the next U of MMA event.