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4 Submissions No Beginning Grappler Should Go Without

Lately, we have had lots of new faces at the gym and every grappler that’s just starting up has things they need to work on and it can be a bit overwhelming.¬†But by focusing on core fundamental movements, jiu jitsu can be much easier to handle. These are four basic submissions Coach Alder and I thought would be perfect for any beginner to learn. If mastered, these basic submissions work at the highest levels of jiu jitsu. Also, in order to successfully defend submission attempts, you need to to know what the submissions are. So here are the four basic subs that beginning grapplers should focus on understanding and mastering.

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Kimura to Triangle- Granby Roll Set Up

Saw this awesome triangle set up video on the ADCC fan page on Facebook. After the HOC tournament, a few of our team members went to go eat and Mike Frausto pointed this video out to me. Great set up and really unique attack.


Kimura & Failed Kimura- Guillotine Combo

Check this video out! Here, my training partner at 10th Planet Van Nuys, Ammy MMA Fighter¬†Mike “Lobes” Frausto, uses me as his grappling dummy to demonstrate two super effective techniques. The basic Kimura from the closed guard and the second video explains how to snatch the guillotine off the failed Kimura.

For more techniques like this, check out 10thPlanetwatch.com, Like Us on Facebook, or come on down to the gym and try a class!

Kimura to Triangle Set Up

It’s finals week. No jiu jitsu for me =[
So, as I continue to pound monster energy drinks and flip the pages of my textbook, I surf YouTube for more cool technique videos to share with you guys. And since we’ve been covering tons of Kimuras in class at 10th Planet Jiu jitsu Van Nuys, I figured I’d include another video I’ve been studying that has to do with the Kimura. Also included in this video is my personal favorite move, the triangle choke.
A good guard player can string attacks together seamlessly and that’s exactly what this video shows. So, the second your Kimura is defended…hit em with this triangle. Happy rollin to all my friends that are lucky enough to be on the mats this week at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys.
Can’t wait till next week…

UFC 140! Great night of Jiu Jitsu


Last night at UFC 140, two of the three main fights ended in submission, capping off another great night for jiu jitsu in MMA.
Frank Mir displayed incredible ground skills by transitioning beautifully to finish Big Nog with a Kimura that ended up snapping his arm. He used a setup similar to the one we’ve been working on in class at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys. Mir locked up the figure four grip and tried to finish Nogueira but when Big Mog tried to come up on top, Mir continued the momentum and landed in dominant top position. He finished the submission by stepping over the head and finishing the Kimura “Fedor Style.”

The main event of UFC 140 was the fight between Light heavyweight champ, Jon Jones and contender Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida. After a big first round for Lyoto, the second round started and JBJ knew he needed to change the tide of things. After a good exchange, they ended up against the cage wall and Jones used his extremely long arms to lock up a guillotine grip on Lyotos neck. After cranking it to the regular point most people can synch up a guillotine, Jones switched his grip so he could press up with his bottom hand. By using this method to tighten the grip, he put The Dragon to sleep due to lack of blood flow to the brain.
All in all, some tremendous fights and really inspires you to get back in the gym and train hard. See you guys this week at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys!