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This Month at 10th Planet Van Nuys! Darce Chokes!

In this video, from Submissions 101, we’re shown the basic Darce Choke.

The Darce Choke is a blood choke in Nogi grappling often hit from side control, turtle, or even the Half Guard position. This is an extremely effective choke for Nogi Competition, MMA, and Submission Wrestling.

I  personally love this move and all of the attacks off of it (Ninja Choke, Guillotine, etc.).

This month at 10th Planet Van Nuys, we’ll be covering the Darce Choke, Anaconda Choke, Japanese Necktie, and plenty of other variations! Come down to 10th Planet Van Nuys and check out a class! See you on the mats! ­čśë


Darce Choke from Side Control

Hey guys, here’s a variation of the Darce Choke from Side Control. The Darce Choke is an awesome blood choke that cuts off the arteries of the neck with 1. his arm that’s pushed across and 2. your bicep. After getting the proper grip, squeeze and finish for the tap out.

More about this Darce set up…