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Supplements for BJJ

Hey folks, today I wanna talk about supplements.

First of all, supplements are just that…supplements. They are supplements to your regular diet. Now, we all live crazy lives and our bodies demand a lot of us, especially with all the training we do. It’s tough to get exactly what you need in your body on a daily basis but dietary supplements can definitely help.

Now, if you cross train your BJJ with wrestling, Crossfit, weight training, calisthenics, MMA, chicken dancing or any of the above activities…chances are someone has told you about supplements. Hell, even if you just do jiu jitsu maybe someone mentioned their protein shake, etc. Or maybe you heard a certain pre workout will help a lot with how tired you are prior to training sessions.

I’m here to share my personal opinion about the Top 5 Best Supplements for BJJ Training.

So, in no particular order…*drum roll please*…

1. Multivitamins

Multivitamins are the most common supplements for a reason. Multivitamins help you get all the essential nutrients and minerals in your body that you may skip over when choosing your meals for the day. It’s basically insurance that you’ll get everything you need. Generic multivitamins are fairly cheap but I would suggest, if you could afford it, get one designed for athletes.

2. Fish Oil

Fish Oil is important on this list! Don’t skim over it! Research fish oil for yourself (like any other supplement) but basically, it’s used to help take care of our bones and joints. Since our whole martial art is based on taking joints to the point of breaking and eventually tapping out..Taking care of our joints are absolutely essential. Do it.

3. Protein

I don’t wanna hear about how you think protein will make you bulk up or get big or bulky. That’s simply silly. Protein will help with recovery between training sessions, replace shitty foods in your diet as a meal replacement, and help reach the requirements your body needs for muscle repair and proper body function.

Now, not all proteins are created equal. Whey? Casein? Soy? Hemp? Blend?!? Alright, this is getting confusing…

Just know this guys. Whey Protein is king for immediately post workout. It is the fastest digesting protein. Casein is great if you can’t eat for a long time (before bed) because it is slow digesting. Soy and Hemp are both great alternatives with unique benefits to each. Blends are obviously just that so be sure to do your homework about which is good. For me, I always take Whey Protein post workout and find that helps me a lot.

4. Amino Acids

Amino Acids is a tricky one but let’s break it down.Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and there are certain “essential”amino acids that can only be obtained by food. As the name implies, they are essential..very important.

Taking amino acids throughout the day or during your workout is a great addition to your regimen.

5. Glutamine

Although Glutamine is NOT one of those essential amino acids, it definitely can be considered essential by many athletes. Glutamine is one of the amino acids that gets a lot of the credit for the bodys recovery after strenuous exercise. This should be obvious then why it is so important for us after a hard training session.

Honorable Mention: Creatine

Do the research. Don’t listen to bro science. Creatine is a compound formed in protein metabolism. Extra creatine supplemented into your diet can help with strength gains, something we could all use more of.

So, I hope this list has helped some of you trying to figure out what supplements exactly you need for your BJJ training.

If you already take supplements to help you out with your training and diet, what supplements do you take? I’d love to hear!

Take care and see you on the mats!