4 Submissions No Beginning Grappler Should Go Without

Lately, we have had lots of new faces at the gym and every grappler that’s just starting up has things they need to work on and it can be a bit overwhelming. But by focusing on core fundamental movements, jiu jitsu can be much easier to handle. These are four basic submissions Coach Alder and I thought would be perfect for any beginner to learn. If mastered, these basic submissions work at the highest levels of jiu jitsu. Also, in order to successfully defend submission attempts, you need to to know what the submissions are. So here are the four basic subs that beginning grapplers should focus on understanding and mastering.

Perfect to start our list of basic subs is the Guillotine choke. This extremely effective choke is most commonly used to attack from the Guard position. The guillotine does exactly as the name implies and attacks your opponents neck to choke them into submission. By clasping your hands around your opponents neck, you slowly stop blood flow to the brain and can cause unconsciousness unless they “Tap Out.”

Next up is the Rear Naked Choke, or the RNC. Applied from when you take an opponents back, this choke, just like the guillotine can stop blood flow to the brain. Unlike the guillotine, the RNC is much more difficult to defend against because of the positioning. With your opponent behind you, tearing the arms off from across your throat is extremely difficult once it is sunken in.

The Kimura Shoulder Lock is one of the best submissions in my opinion because it can be applied from such a variety of positions and once you understand how to properly apply it, you can almost catch it from anywhere. Full Guard, Closed Guard, Half Guard, and Side Control are only a few of the places this devastating shoulder joint lock can be applied from. The Kimura uses a 90 degree bend in the opponents arm combined with a figure four lock of your own arms to twist the arm behind an opponents back, forcing them to tap.

Twin brother to the Kimura is the Americana shoulder lock. The Americana uses the same principles as the Kimura to effectively isolate the shoulder and put it into a vulnerable position. The only difference is that the Americana twists the shoulder the opposite direction of the Kimura and usually involves pinning the opponents arm to the mat. Although the Americana is not as versatile in regards to position as the Kimura, it’s still perfect for beginners because it can be very easy to apply and finish from the positions it is available in.

And there you have it! Four of the easiest, most essential submissions for BJJ beginners. There were a bunch of honorable mentions such as the Triangle Choke and the Armbar but we felt that these four were a bit easier to master at a faster rate making it better for beginners.

What are some of the first submissions you learned?

Hope this list helped out some of the newer guys and gals who are just starting their Jiu Jitsu journey!

If you’re looking to learn any of these four or any of the other fundamental BJJ submissions, Call us today (818) 925-JITS (5487)



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