Zombie Drilling & Why It’s Bad For You

No…”zombie drilling” has nothing to do with the zombie apocalypse or anything of that nature (although Jiu Jitsu will definitely help you against a zombie…;) )

“Zombie Drilling” is when a training partner is more of a mannequin rather than a partner. If you or your partner practices techniques with unrealistic reactions, then dealing with those reactions is useless to your training and even worse, can cause bad training habits!

For example, say you are drilling a Kimura from Guard off of your attempt at a hip bump sweep. But while attempting the sweep, your partner doesn’t base his/her hand out and instead keeps it in close or simply flops over and lets you take the mount position. Reaching for the Kimura then is ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense.

Another example is during a Knee Tap Takedown off of an underhook, just like the one we are drilling this month at 10th Planet Van Nuys. If your training partner resists and doesn’t step the leg required for the knee tap close to you while you pull with your underhook…then there isn’t a Knee Tap Takedown there! Or even worse, if you do the Knee Tap but don’t properly drive with your shoulder or block the knee and they flop to the mat anyway!

So, be a good training partner! 

This doesn’t mean to resist what your partner is doing during drills by any means. Remember, let them do the technique they are applying. However, do not simply flop over or provide no movement or “realistic reaction.”

Enjoy your time training guys and gals and remember to always be a good partner!


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