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Book Review: Drill To Win by Andre Galvao

Drill To Win: 12 Months to Better BJJ

Drill To Win: 12 Months to Better BJJ

If you don’t know who Andre Galvao is, you clearly haven’t been keeping up with the Grappling scene as much as you should!Andre Galvao is a world renowned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and professional Mixed Martial Artist. He has won countless grappling tournaments ranging from the Pan Americans to ADCC!

He has always attributed his success to the countless hours he spends on the mat drilling techniques, movements, and more so that they become as natural as walking! The idea behind Drill To Win is that you can do the drills provided in the text during warmups, Open Mat or free time other than regular training in your academy and make leaps and bounds in your game! THIS BOOK IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR LEARNING FROM YOUR INSTRUCTOR AND TRAINING WITH PARTNERS!!!

The book has a very unique layout because it is not simply a list of different movements and exercises for BJJ/ Submission Grappling. Rather, it is a mix of partner and solo drills laid out in a 12 month format, so that the book can give you “1 Year to Better Jiu Jitsu!”

Jiu Jitsu World Champ!

Now, I must admit, after picking up this book, I immediately decided I would not be following the year plan provided. Why? Because the year is divided into different parts of the game. For example, Month Seven is based on Passing the Guard. But I am working on my Guard passes now, why should I wait to do those drills? Also, this book assumes that you will be drilling these movements five days out of the week. I don’t know about you guys, but I have some of the best training partners in the world but I don’t know if I could get someone to drill movements with me five days a week at least.

So, instead, according to different things I have been training over the months, I have found different workouts throughout the book and used them on certain days. On days where I was too sore to roll, open mat, etc. I would use my book to pick out a workout and do my drills.

After several months of using this book, I felt a dramatic increase in strength, flexibility, but more importantly, mat and body awareness. I felt my bridges get stronger, shrimp escapes faster, and more!

I highly recommend Drill To Win because of the unique layout, great description of each drill with a purpose and pictures included! It doesn’t just say “Shrimp Escapes,” but rather Shrimp Escapes 3 sets of 20 reps and explains why that movement is so important and fundamental.

So, if you really want to step your game up, pick up Drill to Win and get to drilling! Track your progress and you’ll be amazed at how much your game improves!


The Bruce Lee Influence on Modern MMA

Bruce Lee is, in my opinion, the most influential martial artist of all time. Today, November 27th is his birthday and he would have been 72 years old today.

He has made such an incredible impact on the world of martial arts and society in general.  I have always been heavily influenced by Bruce Lee in my own personal quest of martial arts. I’ve watched movies and read a few books about some of his philosophies on martial arts and life and he was so ahead of his time.

Lee didn’t allow himself to be confined to one particular style in his quest for the most applicable martial arts for combat. He would search for more and more ways to be more effective rather than sticking with “tradition.”

Mixed Martial Arts has gone through an evolution similar to that of Bruce Lees’ personal development in the martial arts. Here’s a video from Roots of Fight featuring Paul Lazenby, Eddie Bravo, and Ralek Gracie.

Are you ready to get started on your martial arts path? What are you waiting for?

Come down to 10th Planet Van Nuys and get started! We’ll see you on the mats!

Monday Morning 11/26 Guard Passing!

Hey guys & gals, it’s been a few days since my last post and I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and had some good time off! I munched down this weekend with the family and wrecked shop on several plates of Turkey, yams, and more for the holiday!

But, it’s Monday and back to practice! I attended this morning practice and we had a solid group. It was good to see some new faces in there today as well as all the usual suspects!

We started off with some great stability ball drills. Now, if you’ve never worked with the stability ball to improve your jiu jitsu, check it out! There are plenty of video clips on YouTube of drills and exercises you can do on the stability ball to improve your ground transitions, balance, and overall fitness (Expect an article soon on more ways the Stability Ball can help YOUR game)! Or, you can always come down to 10th Planet Van Nuys and watch my training partner, Mike “Lobes” Frausto kill it on that thing!

Anyway, after a few drills, we partnered up and worked on our Guard passing like we have been all month long. First was the Knee Slice Pass (My personal favorite. check out the link to the video I posted of it here) and we all got plenty of reps in! We even covered the sped up variation that you drive through in much faster fashion, landing you in the Kesa Gatame position.

Next was our Half stack series and our cover of the style of passing GSP uses in virtually all of his fights! For those of you UFC fans, George St. Pierre uses a style of passing that is extremely effective and he inches his way from Full Guard all the way to Side Control, bit by bit.

After all of our technique drilling, I got some rolling in and it was a great training session overall.

Another great day @ 10th Planet Van Nuys in the books and I can’t wait to get back on the mats tomorrow! Gabe out!

10th Planet Van Nuys Visits 10th Planet West LA!

10th Planet Van Nuys Visits 10th Planet West LA!

10th Planet Van Nuys Visits 10th Planet West LA!

On Wednesday, November 21st, the 10th Planet Van Nuys crew headed down to 10th Planet West LA for an evening training session! 10th Planet West LA is led by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Scott “Einstein” Epstein. Scott had lots of great techniques to show us and we were all very excited to train with those beasts!

The West LA crew was more than hospitable to our large group that went down there for the festivities. We started out the class with some warm ups and some different pummeling and takedown techniques. I particularly enjoyed this part of the class as Scott showed some great details to the Ankle pick Takedown and even showed us some great tips to pass the guard straight from the takedown!

We then moved on to the Halfguard Lockdown position, something the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system is very much known for. Although very few people in the room were unfamiliar with some of the moves, Scott gave us some tips to keep our Lockdown tight and he refreshed some ideas about the Whip Up.

Once we found ourselves on our sides, then came the fun and Scott demonstrated how to finish the Electric Chair submission! The Electric Chair submission stretches out your opponent using the lockdown and shoulder pressure to put pressure on the hips, groin, etc.

However, some opponents may be resistant to the submission and Scott showed us how we can move to the Electric Chair sweep from that position. He also showed some counters to the Sweep and how we can move around them and work to pass the guard. He even showed an off- shoot and how to hit a Calf slicer submission from one of the sweep attempts!

After learning all these great techniques, the West LA crew was game for some fun times free rolling. Everyone had a great time training together and it was an amazing experience visiting them! I can’t wait to train with those guys again!

P.S. If you guys ever want to learn more about the Electric Chair or any of the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system and you live in the San Fernando Valley area…what are you waiting for? Come down to 10th Planet Van Nuys and check us out! See you on the mats!