10th Planet Van Nuys at the AFC: August 30th MMA Show

On August 30th, 10th Planet Van Nuys warriors, Mike “Lobes” Frausto and “Gorgeous” Georgie Garcia went to battle in Agoura Hills, CA. The Amir Fighting Championships had a huge line up of great Amateur Mixed Martial Arts bouts that night.

There was lots of buzz surrounding the fights on the card and the fighters definitely did not disappoint. Plenty of the fighters on the card were crowned number one contenders for the AFC belts that night as well as the 145 Champion.

Lobes went into his fight with formidable opponent, Jonathan Ayala as the second fight of the night. Jonathan opened up quickly after touching gloves with some solid punches but Mike was able to counter and shoot a beautiful double leg takedown. After some great back and forth ground transitions, Lobes found himself on mount raining down punches. Jonathan went to defend himself from the punches and Lobes was able to slide to an Armbar. He slowly extended and got the Tap out victory about a minute after the opening bell!

Needless to say, Mike was ecstatic about his win and he has already told me that he can’t wait to get back in there!

After a few other great fights, including an incredible back and forth battle between the nights female fighters, Brooksie Bayard and Priscilla Solano, it came time for the showdown between Georgie Garcia and Jonathan Del Rosario for the 145 pound belt.

Georgie came into the fight riding a 4-0 MMA win streak and was ready to take another belt. After a touch of gloves, the fighters started the first of their three, three minute round war. After a small “feeling out,” period, the fighters began to open up with combinations including some great leg kicks from both combatants. Eventually, the San Fernando wrestler, Garcia, shot for a takedown. The two battled for superior ground position for a short while. Suddenly, Del Roasario began to land some solid ground n pound. He began to stand up in an attempt to land more punches and Garcia attempted to transition out of the bad position but was unable to stop the blows. The ref stopped the fight short after.

Some of the crowd was disappointed with the stoppage. Some felt it was a late stoppage while others felt some of the shots were to the back of the head (illegal). Regardless, Garcia and Del Rosario both showed great class while the official decision was announced.

Garcia will definitely be back in the cage looking to get back to his winning ways and as a training partner, fight fan, and friend, I can’t wait to see him bounce back.

I’m so proud of both of my training partners who fought on the card and of my team for all the support we were able to show our guys that night. We had a sea of 10th Planet Van Nuys T- Shirts and were representing strong. Each time one of us steps in the cage, a bit of all of us are in there with them. We train hard together and all care for one another and I can only hope that everyone has a family like I do in my gym.

Also, I send out all my respect to everyone who stepped in the cage that night and anytime. You guys and girls are truly modern day gladiators and thank you for all the entertainment you provide for fight fans.

Be sure to lookout for all of our 10th Planet Van Nuys fighters in the Amateur and eventually Professional MMA Circuit!

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