Proper Gym Hygiene

Last week, 10th Planet Van Nuys’ very own Dmitriy did a little presentation about Mat hygiene and how to keep clean. He did a great job of explaining all the different kinds of cooties people can get on the mats and how easily most of them could be avoided.

The number one lesson from the whole presentation? Prevention rather than curing.

It’s much easier to prevent any kind of infection rather than dealing with it once you are already infected. Some useful tips (Some I’ve learned over the years and some Dmitriy shared in his presentation):

  • If you’ve been out working out at other gyms, or just came into contact with a lot of dirt or something during the day at work or whatever, please shower before you come to class.
  • Don’t get on the mat with your sandals/shoes/street clothes on
  • Wear sandals if you’re visiting the restroom
  • Wear clean gym attire every time you get on the mat
  • Wear deodorant. Seriously, you stink
  • Wash your cup, mouthpiece, knee pads, wraps, ankle supports, gym bag, etc.
  • Separate your gym clothes from the rest of your clothes at home
  • Trim your nails! (Nothing’s worse than rolling with someone with Wolverine claws)
  • Wash yourself with soap designed to kill the germs you come in contact with. There are plenty of soaps designed specifically for BJJ/MMA. Some are: Defense Soap, Armbar, Super Body Care, Athletic Body Care, and more. I recommend Defense Soap and it can be found at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys.

At the end of the day, skin infections is one thing everyone who grapples has to deal with. No matter how clean you, your gym, or your training partners are, it just happens sometimes.

If you contract an infection, please stay home. Don’t come down and roll with our guys and allow it to possibly spread. Even if your skin is just irritated, please cover it up (Rashguard, bandage, etc.) if you plan on training.

P.S. Our gym is all of our home away from home. So, please guys, help out after class, after everyone’s done rolling and help disinfect everything in the gym. Either help mop the mats, or disinfect the foam rollers and physioballs, etc. Everyone can pitch in a little bit and help out.

Thanks guys! Let’s all stay healthy and clean! 


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