Beach Trip

Gettin some grub before the beach!

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys hit the beach for some sun a few weekends ago.As a team and family, we see each other all the time on the mats. We train together and do so much more. We share everything from the pain of an injury, annoyance of a weight cut, or frustration with BJJ, family, work, school, and just life in general.These people have become like family to me over the years so it was nice to get out and have some fun to break out of the regular routine. We got some great food at Malibu Seafood and then hit the beach to chill out as a bit of a decompression session. Our Ammy MMA fighters had just finished a grueling camp and it was the perfect way to relax and kick back before heading back to the lab and all of us improving our games.I feel very fortunate to have a team as tight knit as we are and I hope everyone reading this feels the same way about their team.


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