Week of 12/19 Training Log

Logging another week in the books, I’m glad to say trainings going great.

Monday Morning Sesh, Monday Night, Tuesday Night, and Wednesday Morning, and a private w/ Coach Alder in the afternoon.

One thing to especially notice is how big classes are getting at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys. It’s great to see tons of new faces, old faces, experienced guys, and people who are stepping onto the mats for the first time. With the influx of people training, we’ve all had more training partners which results in more rolls, drilling, and just an even better team atmosphere.

All week long, we’ve been drilling guillotines all week. Finishing the one arm guillotine from standing has given all the students the fundamentals to finish the choke from anywhere. We’ve repped the one arm a few times, the standard standing guillotine, the Marcelo Grip Guillotine, and the Ten Finger Guillotine.

Personally, I love the Marcelo Grip guillotine. The leverage that you get from using their back as a lever is incredible. You can really crank the neck and create a ton of pressure with this specific technique. I absolutely love it.

Today was my last private with Coach Alder and looking back, it was definitely money well spent. Each Private session, he answered every last question I had, gave me more details on techniques, and specific movements to drill. He’s helped me fill up holes in my half guard, deep half, and full guard game. More importantly, he’s given me the whole process of how to look at my game in a brutally honest perspective and develop a plan of attack to become a  better grappler.

On a side note, I signed up for Thor Skanckes Wrestling Clinic that’ll be held January 14 at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys. Thor is our resident Pro MMA fighter and overall badass. He’ll go over a bunch of wrestling techniques specifically for MMA/Nogi Grappling. So, not a bunch of wrestling pins but rather how to use wrestling to gain an advantageous position for your nogi game.

Anyway, with four sessions and a private this week, I think I’m almost done for the week. Tomorrow morning, I’ll probably go for a run and I should be good.

And, remember, through this Holiday season, enjoy your time with your family and friends but don’t forget about training. Enjoy your eggnog and have fun but don’t stop coming to the gym/ training! It’ll be that much harder to get back into it. So, let’s all try to be consistent! Happy Holidays to all my readers and fellow 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys grapplers!



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