Week of 12/5 Training Log & 10th Planet Holiday Party

Last weeks training kept me pretty busy so I didn’t have time to even update my personal training blog. I trained as often as I could because finals are this week and training will be hard to come by. We went pretty hard in the gym all week long and worked on some awesome techniques.
Continuing with the flow of things, we worked on different ways to lock up the Kimura from different positions and how to defend/counter it, etc. Alder also had us start a lot of our sparring from standing now which is a great experience that the majority of BJJ gyms don’t do.
Starting from standing is a great experience because what good is everything you are learning about fighting on the ground if you can’t effectively get the fight there? Although wrestling isn’t my strong suit, I was able to snatch a few double legs which felt pretty good. However, the majority of the matches, I pulled Half Guard and tried to work for a sweep.

I definitely feel that my wrestling needs a ton of work so I’m super excited for the Wrestling Seminar that Thor Skancke will be putting on soon at 10th Planet Van Nuys. Thor’s one of our MMA fighters who has great wrestling and he’s gunna show some tried and true wrestling techniques. These techniques are perfect for Nogi Jiu jitsu or Mixed Martial Arts competition. More info on that event will be posted ASAP.
Finally, to cap off a great week of training, Thursday was the day for the annual Christmas party. Last year, 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys team members went down to Hokkaido to grub on some seafood but this year, we did something a bit different. Instead of going out to eat, we went to the 10th Planet function at Dim Mak studios for the release of Smoke Serpents new Video for “Jiu Jitsu.”
A bunch of 10th Planet Van Nuys members went down to Hollywood, dressed to impress, and met up with a bunch of the good folks from Headquarters, Vista, Riverside, and more. Everyone was super friendly and happy to hangout with other people from the other 10th Planet gyms. We all watched the Smoke Serpent video, which was dope, took a bunch of pictures and headed home a little while later. All in all, a great night for 10th Planet and an awesome week of training for me.
Now, to deal with finals…


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