North/South Choke Details w/ Marcelo Garcia

Marcelo Garcia teaches his North/South Choke to Stephan Kesting in this video. Marcelo Garcia is considered by many to be the best nogi grappler in the world and when you watch his videos, read his books, or watch some of his competition footage, it’s easy to see why he’s so widely renowned as the best out there.

The North/South position in general is a difficult position to master because it’s a top position that doesn’t give you much control over your opponents hips. However, I’ve grown better bit by bit by working on transitioning to the position and this attack is everyone in this positions first thought. Having a well- rounded top game has to do with being able to transition between side control, knee on belly, mount, and north/south.
I still have a lot of work to do when in this position but watching this video helped me understand some of the details of the choke better. Enjoy!


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