5 Tips to finish the Kimura!

Ever wonder why your opponent didn’t tap out when you clearly had the Kimura locked up perfectly and was cranking his arm? Of course you have, we all have. After an intense two weeks completely dedicated to the Kimura Shoulder lock from guard, here’s a short list of things to make sure your kimura is as tight as it can be to ensure that your opponent has to tapout. Keep in mind, this is once you completely sit up and snatch the kimura grip and pull yourself in.

  1. Keep his posture broken down: The leg that goes over his back needs to keep his posture broken down. If it’s too low on his back, he can posture up and take all the pressure off the submission.
  2. 90 degrees: This is probably the most important detail. You need to pull your body underneath your opponent and get your body out to 90 degrees (similar to armbar finish). Also, his arm needs to be bent to 90 degrees. His arm can’t be straight or behind his back necessarily. The most effective arm positioning is a 90 degree angle.
  3. Keep opposite foot on the mat and knees pinched: This will stop his rolling escape when combined with the first tip. By keeping his posture broken down and keeping your knees pinched and having the foot around his hip placed on the mat, you stop him from rolling out of the submission. Some people close their guard here and do some other stuff and that all has it’s place but I’ve found this to be the best spot for your opposite side foot. By having it on the mat, it allows you to be mobile while trying to finish the sub. Having it on the mat allows you to shrimp more out 90 if you need to.
  4. Sit on your opposite sides buttcheek and Bench Press: In the photo above, the guy playing guard who has the Kimura locked up needs to fix his angle so he’s facing away from his opponent. By doing so, you automatically create pressure on the shoulder joint. By slightly sitting on your opposite buttcheek and hip, you begin the torque on the shoulder without actually applying any pressure. Also, it sets you up perfectly to bench press your opponents arm to the mat. Moving your arm at a weird angle leaves you weak. However, by sitting so your body is facing away from your opponent, as you straighten your arm, your body is in one of it’s strongest alignments.
  5. Five finger grip or “monkey grip” and keep it tight: Last but certainly not least, fix your grip son! Snatching the kimura with your thumb around his wrist at first is fine but by the time you move out to 90 degrees, you need to switch to a monkey or five finger grip. This allows for you to crank his arm farther.

Follow these tips and finish some Kimuras!!

And remember, if you want to come train Kimuras and you’re in the San Fernando Valley area, come to 10th Planet Van Nuys!


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