Key- Moora!! Wednesday Morning Training

Awesome morning class today. I showed up about 5 minutes late and everyone was starting to warm up. I changed my clothes and jumped right in. More Kimuras this week. Finishing at 90 degrees from full guard, finishing from Half Guard, and a cool self defense style rolling kimura that’s finished on top. All week working on Kimuras has definitely made it so the second my opponents hand is on the mat, Kimura is the first thing on my mind.

The first drill we did was to teach us to get out to 90 degrees, kind of like the swing and chop for armbars from full guard. Except here, you just pivot your body into a sort of side crunch and twist and pinch your knees to get the right angle. Next, we did the full move. grab the hand, reach over the shoulder and hip out so the foots on the mat, lock up the Kimura grip, break the posture, get the perfect angle, keep his hand tight to your body, opposite buttcheek, and finalllllllly, bench press.

The Half Guard one was fairly similar except the opponent usually dfends by grabbing his shorts. We worked on how to get that arm anyway.

The last one is if you get caught with a bear hug from behind. Break the grip and change levels, and lock up the Kimura grip and use one butterfly hook to basically make them do a forward roll. Come up on top and finish the Kimura from on top.

Lots of details to the Kimura but it’s definitely worth it. The Kimura is one of the few moves that can be hit from several places. I’m really lovin the move. Gunna continue working on it.

Btw, check out our London Gentleman poses! Haha



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