Monday Morning, Private Session, & Night Training

Busy day training for me!

Had morning class today after I got out of school @ 11:30 am. We went over some basic Kimura stuff from the guard, half guard, and Nick Dieter, Black Belt instructor @ HOC, came by to show us his Kimura from top half guard. Overall awesome morning class. I love these sessions cause they don’t usually get too packed and there’s a lot more time to go over details and ask lots of questions. After drilling the techniques a few times, I rolled with a few of my partners. First, with Yumi, one of our few female fighters. Afterwards, with Mike (Tips), one of the blue belts. The roll with Tips was one of all defense. I tried to defend as best I could but he has an awesome game. I wasn’t upset about tapping out often to him at all, the guy’s really good and I was happy he took the time to show me everything I was doing wrong after he got me.

Afterwards Alder and I had a private session. This is my fourth Private with Coach Alder and it has helped my game tremendously. He’s gone over some awesome half guard stuff with me and today we drilled some deep half entries and sweeps as well. My game has gotten to the point where I can start to really transition between Traditional Half Guard, Lockdown HG, Quarter Guard, Deep Half, and so forth.

Lastly, I came through for night class as well. I was glad to come by because I’m normally focusing on schoolwork at that time of night but I was able to finish up early so I came through for night class. Packed class with a ton of guys and the energy was awesome! After going over some similar stuff from earlier on in the day, we added a few new details. Then, “Gorgeous” Georgie Garcia, one of my main training partners, and I repped some armbar drills and he helped me rep some of my Half Guard series stuff. Georgie is one of the guys that’s my weight at the gym but because of his wrestling background, he has an awesome base. I can never sweep the kid but it’s okay cause he helps me a lot with training. He’s 4 and 0 in amateur MMA and I stand behind him all the way, watch out for this guy if you’re in his weight class.


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